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Can These Coaches Coach?? By Debo

Where should i start? After the last few weeks and looking at this team Post Freeman, The offense has been Stagnant the last 6 games and yes while i am a Freeman supporter i will say he wasnt playing well and niether was anyone else around him for that matter. Now, I'm a season ticket holder and i have watched the two home games with Mike Glennon in the lineup and i have to say while he’s done some good things under center. He has done some not so good things under center also. I think Schiano has changed this offense to cater to Mike. I no longer see all the intermediate and deep routes being ran by the Receivers. The back Shoulder throws that josh was making almost every play seems like. The Play action plays were he gave Josh two reads and went Max Protection. Where have you ever seen that? NO TE to throw the ball to. No slot wr to throw the ball to. Poor coaching, Play calling, poor situational play calling and should i say Dropped Passes by our 55mil dollar man! We can't have that not with this offense it’s hard enough to get a FG so dropping TDs. You never know when the next time we going to get down there again now we have our starting RB out for the season on a play that i clearly think is a bush-league play. Doug Martin is a RB! If you want to have wheel routes ran 40 yards downfield then find yourself a WR to do so! And with a rookie QB with the way that he has thrown the deep ball down the sideline. Why would you do that? Glennon threw a high ball and hung Martin out to dry and now he’s sitting on the sideline for the rest of the season. So now what? We have another Rookie back and while i like the way he runs the ball. Being a FSU fan i liked Mike James coming out of the U. He has good patience running and has a bit more quickness than Doug and has some power for a guy that size. We'll see how it all works out but the road gets uglier now if it wasn’t already very ugly.

Now to the defensive side of the ball! This is where it gets really good. Last season the Bucs secondary was ranked dead last in the NFL and This DC Bill Sheridan couldn't do anything but play press man Zero coverage and blitz every single play. Even though, we couldn't cover a bed with a blanket last season and you never adjusted at all. Why so coach? I was crying out loud in the stands and screaming at my TV every game saying "why are we doing this"! If i can see it why can't you see it? And the lets stunt every single passing down! Why? I played DE in college and my coach always said that you don’t stunt to get pressure if your confident in what your Linemen can do up front. Stunting usually happen when you are trying to free up a linebacker to come in on a blitz or if it’s a third and long situation and you are trying to get your speed a crease to get to the QB. We couldn't do that at all last season. I remember Gerald McCoy coming out and saying "Let me go and get the QB". He's good enough! So now this off season we go out and get Goulston from SF and we use our 1st rd. draft pick to pick up DERRELL REVIS from the jets and the best man to man CB in the NFL right now! Revis Island, Lock down corner. We were supposed to be shutting down the team’s number 1 wide out. I guess i was wrong. Seems to me that coach had another plan to use Revis! Sit him back in a Zone defense and let people catch the ball in front of him.

Now i know that he has had a knee injury. The reason i don’t say it’s serious anymore because these days an ACL surgery is almost routine. Guys come back faster, stronger and better. There are no more career ending ACL injuries unless other factors are involved so to baby a future HOF player (who’s been in training camp and off season workouts) into the Regular season to me is stupid. If you don’t have the confidence that he can play at a high level then don’t put him on the field. Revis is ready. He’s voiced his displeasure with the way he’s being used on the field. After watching Jimmy Graham go crazy on us in the Saints game. Then Watching Talib the week after shut him down to Zero catches before he got hurt? Umm we can't do that? Then Larry Fitzgerald went off in the second half of that game and we lost. Then Phili came in with Deshaun Jackson and lit us up all in the same Revis is sitting over there in a zone defense watching their top guys catch passes. Can these coaches ever make adjustments on the fly? Up to this point since they have got here they haven’t shown that they can do anything! We its costing us wins and also your job!

Can these coaches right the ship? I don't think so. I predict from this point on in the season we probably win like three of four games and that is a shame with the amount of talent on this team that we can be this bad. See Kansas City Chiefs for an example of a team that had the talent and struggled. They went out in the off season and pick up Andy Reid and also Alex Smith. That team got better direction and leadership and now look at them 7-0. If the Glazers need an example to look to turn this thing around then just give them a call over there and find the best coach available and if Glennon isn’t the answer then go get yourself a veteran QB. We don't have time to be grooming Rookies. I hate seeing my team that i grew up cheering for is this bad. How can this be? Even my worst memories of the Bucs bad days haven’t been this bad. More so with all of the stuff that is going on off the field. Schiano said the before he got here that the Bucs were a dysfunctional organization and that we needed him to restore order. Well i like to say that Raheem may have had his short comings as a head coach but he never made this Organization look as bad as you have! You’re the Joke! Any coach who refers to himself in a third person is a Joke. Get outta here and don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

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