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My Thoughts on the Heisman

Who I think should really win the Heisman. This will strike some nerves of some people but I don’t care! I think that Johnny Manziel should win it all again. Is this award going to the Leader on the best team or going to the best player in the NCAA? From all the Media Hype and everything else, everyone is hoping on the Winston Bandwagon. Granted he has had a great yr. for a freshman but I shall say that without all the Charges he was facing. I still would vote him if I had my vote. Right now we might as well just go and hand Jamies the Trophy.

Lets not even have the ceremony. I have done my own research on both players very carefully and in almost every category Manzeil is ahead of Winston. Passing yards, completion percentage, Total yards per game, total passing yards, rushing, total TD. All of this while playing in a tougher conference in the SEC with a tougher schedule. I say Manziel but the writer are the ones making the vote not myself. A&M has played 4 teams that are currently in the top 25 and 3 of those teams are currently in the top 5. Everyone says” well He couldn’t beat those teams”. Well he can’t play defense too. And a QB shouldn’t be penalized for his defense not being able to stop anyone. He puts up the points and also the stats. Has one of the most dynamic offenses in the NCAA. He leads in almost every category over Winston. Even though Winston has only played a half in some of his games. But that is a detriment to the teams that’s on FSU schedule. They were weak opponents and not of the caliber of what Texas A&M played by no means. So before everyone says “Winston has dominated this yr.” You might want to go look at Johnny Manziel stats and do me a favor. Team the team orientated accomplishments out of it and just judge them base on the numbers.

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