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Aaron Rogers Returns..

Aaron Rogers returned to the lineup today for the Green bay Packers in what was the most important game of the year. This game was for all the marbles. A division title at stake, a chance to clinch a playoff spot also. 7 weeks ago for Packer fans. They would have thought that the divison would be locked up by now and they would be facing a 1st rd bye. But, the same team knocked him out of the game with a broken clavicle. Packers were also without Randell Cobb a few week earlier to a broken leg. he also returned to the line up today also and i know Packer fans were very excited about that. Not so much for Bears fan who come into the game at 8-7 needing the win to clinch the playoffs.

Rogers started the game off a little rusty but leans on the running game to get himself in Rhythm. Eddie Lacy who could be a finalist for offensive rookie of the year as always a physical runner grinded out the tough yards and dragged defenders all day long. Up and down he field. I really thought this was a very good game well played by both teams. Early on in the game came a very controversial play where Rogers appeard to have been sacked while throwing the ball. Ball came loose in his hand as he was winding up his throw and was fumbled. No whistle was blown and the Packers picked the ball uyp and ran it into the end zone for a TD. Now some say this call was bogus but if you look at the rule and the replay. It's a very legit play and they got it right this time. Bear offense played a pretty good game. they where able to run the ball well and also threw the ball well also benifiting froma couple of blown coverages by the Packers secondary. But when you have Rogers on the field late in the game no lead is safe and he proved again just why he's one of the top Qb's in the NFL. Coverting on 3 downs and 4th down plays on the last drive to keep the chains moving. Showed no fear of the shoulder as scrambled for a 1st down play late in the drive. The Bears i thought made onr bad move on a 4th and long and it cost them the game. They brought a full on blitz with zero coverage man to man. Rogers made Peppers miss on a tackle and then heaved a ball downfeild to guess who? Cobb who was playing in his first game since being injured for the Go ahead TD to give the Packers a 33-27 lead and locking up the division and playoff spot. Green Bay now Becomes that team that you dont want to play in the post season as a 6th seed they have the ability to beat anyone they face and could be getting Matthews back next week also. Aaron Rogers just Proved that with him in the Lineup Green Bay is a force in the NFC! Should be an Interesting Playoffs and Bears are left scratching thier heads wondering what if.

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