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Supr Bowl has been Set! Manning on his way to NJ

From the time the preseason kicks off all through to the end of the regular season. There's some thing that we all knew of and that would be that the AFC favorite to come out would probably be the Denver Broncos. After what happend to them last season when the Baltimore Ravens went into thier house and probably was the biggest upset of the season as the Broncos gave up the deep bomb to lose the game ans watch the Ravens go on and win the superbowl. Only one could think do they have another run in them to come back in 2013 and finish the job off.

Well, after going through the 2013 season all yr long pretty much making it look easy with the way Peyton Manning has rewritten the record books with thier high scoring offense and starting the yr off with thier Best Defensive player Von Miller suspended. People knew that maybe Manning would have to score more points. I guess starting the year off with 12tds in 4 games is not that bad either. Broncos went through the season almost in cruise control with really no hiccups along the way. Thier Major goal was to put themselves back into position to make a run to the SuperBowl.

This past weekend Peyton got to face his Nemisis in Tom Brady. This match up was supposed to be the game of the weekend and boy did the national TVs really hype this game up and to thier credit, the game was really borning because this game wasnt even close. Denver dominated from the very start and took the Pats out of the game early. NE didn't have a chance. Brady Missed a few shots early in the game that could have resulted in TDs on some errant overthrown passes. Didn't look comfotable in the pocket at all as Denver Defense kept putting on the pressure all day long. Coming up with big sacks in big situations.

Defensivley NE didn't have an answer either. Manning just carved up the secondary and it didn't help that ealry in the game Aqib Talib thier best cover corner left thegame with and knee injury from an looked to me illegal pick play where Wes Welker can across the middle and set a pick on Talib who didnt see him coming. That Put him out the game and from that point on Manning went to work. throwing for over 400yds and completing 32/43 passes. to advance to the superbowl and try and win for their 3rd in franchise history. The match up should be great as they Face one the leauges best secondary and pass rush.. number 1 agianst number 1. the last time that Happned was in 2002 when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers faced the Oakland Raiders. We know how that game turned out. All in all i am happy for Peyton and will be watching and rooting for him to win his second championship!

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