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Is Simeon Rice Deserving of Hall Of Fame Consideration?

Okay Guys i'm gonna post something that caught me attention after last night listening to Brooks Speech. He mentioned another former Bucs as the Most Dominant PASS rusher in his Era. Now we all know Pass rushers get into the Hall Of Fame also. The Name of the game on the defensive Line is to Get to the Quaterback and no one did it better than Simoen Rice! We all Called Sapp a Hater and everything ellse when he got into the Feud with Strahan a yr ago about who was the most dominant pass rusher. Sapp said Rice and Now Brooks says Rice also. Now we know Derrick Brooks doesnt talk out of his Behind ever and everything that he says he means it. Just like Brooks said from this day forward he will make the Hall of Fame better now that he's a part of it. so now i ask you, does this change your opinion on Sapp saying it! Because I've spent all morning breaking down some numbers and Boy Rice isn't that far behing Micheal and he played 4 yrs more then Simeon. And we all know there's guys in the Hall with Lesser Numbers than Rice. Here's a chart Breakdown of the two careers. Give me your comments or thoughts. This is why i say Media Has a lot to do with you being a Hall of fame Player and its a shame because it think he's deserving. Had Rice played in one of the popular cities. Phili, NY, Det, Dallas, SF, NE. just to name a few! I Bet he gets more attention! His Greatness was overshadowed by the likes of Sapp, Brooks, But i Bet you they won't let Simeon Rice go Unoticed! If it wasn't Strahan then who else was better the Rice? I'll wait! And can Vouch that He was a Better Pass Rusher! Here Ya Go. Lets debate

Simeon Rice vs Micheal strahan.jpg
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