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Bowers and Clayborn look to bounce back from two frustrating seasons


Two players that my eyes were concentrating on was DEs Dequan Bowers and Adrian Clayborn. Those two guys I think last two seasons have been given a raw deal because of a horrible scheme and bad coaching. Clayborn we have seen flashes of a really good player off the Edge as a rookie and into his second season when he got injured and missed the rest of the yr. with a torn ACL. He’s an all-around good DE who just does what he does. A power rusher that uses his strength to bully opposing lineman. Plays with a lot of energy and a non-stop motor. I really liked him and me being a former DE myself I knew that he was being coached wrong. Many said he couldn’t play left end because of one arm being shorter than the other but he’s played that way his whole life and I wasn’t buying it. A football Player is a football player period. No matter what level of play you’re playing on. I think Clayborn can be an 8 to 10 sack guy in Lovie defense. He had 7.5 sacks his rookie yr. in a similar defense under Raheem Morris. Let’s see if he can duplicate it.

Another player I wanted to get a good look at was Dequan Bowers. They guy that Schiano had the whole Tampa Bay area thinking he couldn’t beat out a special team’s player. Daniel Teo’Neshim who is now Out of the NFL. I kept saying it the whole time Schiano was here that he’s a Schiano guy and that’s why he was playing. For some reason Schiano didn’t like Dequan Bowers. He never gave Bowers any credit and every time he was asked about Bowers he always criticized him about his play. You think sometimes stuff like that doesn’t get into players head? Yes it does! Even though he’s a professional it can affect a guy’s confidence. I felt like he did the same thing with Freeman but that’s another conversation. So, now that Lovie has been here all he has to say about Bowers are good things and Bowers in return is showing up on the field. Friday Night seen him in the backfield disrupting plays on several occasions and almost getting an INT in the 3rd qtr. of the game. Lovie is even using him in some situations as a DT because he likes Bowers size that allows him to slide down into the DT spot. I think Lovie coming can be the beginning of something good for bowers and we can finally see the talent that has been hidden inside of bowers come out this yr. Some says he on the bubble but I don’t think so. I think he will make the team and I think he will be effective this season. Both he and Clayborn are in contract yrs. and if they want to remain Bucs they need to show that they can be effective

I know its only one game or 1 qtr. or two from them but from what i seen Friday night if they can both bring that to the table game after game we should be expecting good yrs from these two guys. I myself think that Lovie can do nothing but help them.

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