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Bucs vs Dolphins Review

Well on to week two of the Preseason and all week long we've been debating and voicing our opinion about the play of the offensive line. Last game against Jacksonville they looked horrible. Couldn't pick up a scheme or blitz. They were also getting beat one on one mam to man and to me there was no way. U can do all of the coaching u want to but at the end of the day it's about beating the man in front of you. Last Friday night in Jacksonville they did not. Lovie told us at the end of the game and during the whole week he said "guys don't panic" well, that's a first. I've never had a coach tell us not to panic. He must have something up his sleeves. Coach says they're trying to dive into certain line ups and formations that we I guess we don't know what they are trying to accomplish but to me things just has to get better. So we go into preseason game two and hope that we see something better than what they did at Jacksonville because they were dominated against them. I have to admit they did come out and play a little better this game. McCown looked a bit more better as he had a pocket to actually throw the ball from. You can still see at times he had to improvise a bit because the pocket would collapse in front of him. But That's okay with me because sometimes you're gonna have breakdowns and you're QB has to have the ability on those plays to make something happen. I'm confident that McCown can do that. I still would like to see some time of possession and see the offense actually put together a drive where we can see them get into some type of rhythm. I thought the first team defense came out and played pretty good. Miami showed some ability to move the ball through the air in us in the first qtr. I would say a few of Those plays probably were a little luck. A few more deflections by the defensive backs. Defense was able to stuff the dolphins running game amd make miami one dementional. The defensive front 7 did a great job of containing thier run fit and also getting pressure in the passing game and it all starts with the man in the middle Gerald McCoy for the second striaght week he's pretty much unblockable. You never want to say a guy can't be stopped but the first two games of the preseason ibe seen no one be able to block him. His get off is so fast he's in the backfield before the rb get the ball. He's getting tons of hurries amd has two sacks in the first two games limited action. His sack on Ryan Tanninhill late in the first quarter as he split a double team caused a sack and forced fumble that DE Micheal Johnson picked it up. That led to our 1st of two tds in the game when Josh McCown hit Vincent Jackson on a back and across The end zone for a Td. I have to say looking at that throw the window was a real tight window. But, as we have seen all training camp. Those two have been connecting on that route a lot. So its good to see something translate from the practice field to the gamefield. Also I think that Doug Martin showed Just why he's the number one back. He had some reallt good runs and also was a part of the passing game. I think Doug is due for a bounce back season. We're gonna need him to ne big for us because now with injuries to Simms and what looked to not be so serious with Mike James shoulder in the 2nd qtr. Now all of a sudden it looks like we may need help. I guess that's why you never have enough backs.

While I'm speaking of backs. Can someone tell me where is Jeff Demps? I don't see him on special teams at all. Hes not taking reps with the 2nd or 3rd team. I've seen him two weeks in a row get minimum playing time. I keep hearing all about these packages they Have for him but seeing nothing in game time. Are they saving him for regular season and doesn't want to show thier hand? I hope so because that's a talent and you have to find a way to get him on the field. There wasn't much going on with the second team defense. I saw some people make a few plays. Dane Fletcher I heard his name quite a few times but Miami was able to establish some drives and score a few tds on us. So I didn't think as a whole they played great In the 2nd and 3rd qtrs. I think there will be some depth issues at some key positions like DE Willaim Gouldson went down with an injury that looked seriousi dont know the status of hin just yet. Bowers didn't play either but his isn't as serious he should be ready for next week. Jonathan Banks had a solid game and proving he can do it all making some good pass break ups.

Second team offense was very shaky besides the 52 yard TD that was wiped away by a fumble out the enzone by Rookie Wr Mike Evans on a good read and throw across the middle by Mike Glennon on a 3rd down where Evans caught a pass and due to his huge size safety missed the tackle and went to the house all for not. So while the Td gets taken away. I still say good play non the least. But that really was all I got out of the 2nd team offense. I thought that Miami 2nd team defensive line was able to create a lot of issues for our offense. So far this Pre season Ihaven't seen this high paced speed in space offense. Sitting in the stadium and my wife looks at me and says " Where is the Deep ball. Is that not in our offense". I didn't think about it until that point but we haven't seen any Explosive plays at all. Hopefully next week we can see more when the 1st team plays into the 3rd qtr. QB Mike KAFKA came into the game and led the offense down the field late to Us our second score of the game. To make the score 20-14. It doesn't look as bad score wise but I thought we looked a step slower than Mami. On to Next week!

On a sidenote. Everyone wants a Qb competition so I figured I would campare the two Qbs game. Mike Glennon on the night was 6-12 for 72 yrds. And to me it was the same guy we saw last season. Very inconsistent. Will make one good throw and then 5 bad throws or decisions. He was close to throwing 2ints last night forcing the ball to Wrs that wernt even open and he had another fumble where he just lost the ball with no one touching him. You can't have that. Does he have small hands or something? I've seen this way to much. I think after this performance Glennon is showing why he's not the guy and McCown is. Mcown was a lot more sharper this week goinf 5-7 for 57ytds and a Td. Was better poised in the pocket and also able to get time to throw it. Josh should be the starter and will be barring any catastrophic situation this season.

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