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Coming into his own! The Journey of Gerald McCoy

With the 3rd pick in the 2010 NFL draft Rodger Goodell called out a name that many Buc fans thought was the wrong guy! DT out of Oklahoma Gerald McCoy. Every one else wanted that other guy. What's his name? Namdukun Su. Why because he seemed to be at the time the most dominant of thw two base off numbers. He had more tackles, sacks. He was more publicized by the scouts and the media even most Buc fan wanted Su. Raheem Morris thought otherwise. Morris wanted someone a little faster off the ball. Wanted someone who had the triats of another great that we all know. Warren Sapp, Hall of famer that is. I was always the one to think that McCoy was the better players. I also knew that McCoy and Su would be linked together forever. The scheme Raheem ran was perfect for McCoy. Not so much for Su. Tamps 2 a defensive tackles job is to disrupt and put pressure on the QB. See I saw this all the time and its jist not all about the numbers. In McCoy first two seasons he had a total of just 7 sacks. Both of those yrs McCoy ended up being lost for the season with Bicep injuries and at that point fans started saying he was a BUST. When Gerald was in thd line up u can see the significance of his presence. He was creating havoc. Gettinf into the backfield. Wasn't getting the sacks but doing what he was brought here for and that was to be a force and anchor in the middle. But all poeple could do was praise Su he was playing around 2 pro bowl players and didn't have all of the attention on him so he was able to get a favorable match ups that helped him look better than what he really is. And That's a good DT that plays with power. Not the speed and quickness and power that McCoy plays with. Su doesn't have the Wiggle that u need to slit the double teams like Warren Sapp said.

The last two seasons McCoy has slowly distance himself Away from Su. Playing at an higher level. Making plays, being a total pain for defensive coordinators to gameplan for. In the last two yrs finally beong healthy he's dominating even under a sub par system that Greg Schiano was running. You can keep a great player down. He still played like the best DT in the leauge totalling 80tackles 14.5 sacks leading in Hurries and going from 98th in 2012 to 28th in 2013 in the top 100 players catagory. And being named to 2 straight Pro Bowls he's looking like that 3rd pick was a well vested pick right? Yes and I can remember about twice during Greg Schiano regime where McCoy came out and said to let him loose because the coaching staff was focusing to much on running stunts and therefor the line as a whole couldn't get pressure on the QB. And yet after all that he still has a dominant yr. We got something special here folks. And looking into this new season under a new regime this defense is set up for him perfectly. No more stunts or goofy schemes to try and get to the Qb. Its just oin your ears back and get straight up field. Time to let the Dogs loose aand let me explain the responsibility of Gerald McCoy in a tampa 2. First off he's head up over center for the most part. Sometimes you will see him split the center and guard. It just depends on the fits they are lined up in. But its a single gap defense which allows for everyone to just fire a gap. They don't have a two gap responsibility like some defenses. In a two gap you don't shoot a gap u try to stand your ground and make the play. Its a lot harder

Gerald McCoy.jpg

because u have multiple reads and it doesn't allow for the LBs and the DLIne to get downhill and be the aggressive. That's why i think Lovie Defense will be perfect. A lot of guys on the DLine were being played out of position last season and used the Wrong way in situational ball. But Already this preaseson McCoy is showing signs of Greatness. You guys know me. I don't use the word great a lot because I tend to think it gets a bit overused myself. Hes been unblockable. In limited time during the preseaon hes got a sack in every game. Creating pressure behind the line of srimmage. Get upfield that's the motto. Lovie likes to get pressure with the front four and play coverage with 7 guys. With 7 in coverage it makes the windows I little harder for QBs. That's only gonna help us when we get into prime passing situations. Gerald McCoy will be the guy who you have to watch. He will take on the double teams and also free up the other lineman to have one on one matchups and they have to be able to beat thier guys. The other guys should have very good seasons and numbers. I can't wait for this season to start. McCoy get off the ball I haven't seen it this good since the days of Warren Sapp! Look for McCoy to have a career yr this season! As long as he stays healthy I just can't see any way he doesn't.

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