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Bucs Let Game Get Away Against Saints!

You know how you slow down a team like the Saints? Establish the running game. That's how u eat the clock in the 4th. We don't have a good run blocking offensive line. Right he now we have a finesse line good in the pass and poor against the run. Late in the game u keep passing it stops the clock and allows more time for opposing offenses to get more time on the clock.


Defense played a great 1st half and then Saints made adjustments and took what the defense gave them. Brees is a H.O.F QB that very smart with making adjustments. No Jimmy Graham. They start using the backs on screens and check downs to keep chains moving. Spread the defense out with 4 and 5 wr sets to create space. Defense got wore out late in the game and OT Saints kept stressing the Bucs Defense with quick plays and a fast tempo. Offense Once again in the 1st half offense was very silent. Got down by 13 and then forced 17 unanswered pts then defense got a td off int to push the score to 24-17 but after that point in the second half offense really didn't get a whole lot accomplished. Yes they racked up yards but didn't cash in on opps and got penalized so many Times to go backwards and stall out and kill drives. Glennon had a clean pocket again for that 2nd straight week and did some good things in the passing game. Throwing for over 250 yds 18/32 2tds 1int. Good numbers. But without a running game its hard to win in this league playing 1 demensional u just make it tough when your not balanced. Glennon is playing well right now BUT to solidify the starting spot he needs wins. I say let Glennon start Baltimore and go into the by week before u have to make any QB changes or desicions. A lot of you don't like that but to be fair Glennon was the back up and Josh was named a starter. We've heard Lovie say multiple time Josh is the starter so, we'll see.

Special Teams Was not good in the kicking game. Punter Micheal Koenen where did his leg go? For the season he's averaging under 40yrds per punt and that is huge when looking for field position to be switched. He's not doing that so I don't know what's going on there. Kick return. Can we please have someone new back deep. This Patton back deep is getting old he lacks the field vision and explosion to to be effective at all. He continues to return balls 8 and 9 yards deep putting the offense inside their own 20 to start a drive. That's never good. Penalties keep mounting up! 15 today and I know people are saying number 15 was the killer. No it wasn't I say anything after 6 it to much. We know Lovie is a very strategic coach and very detailed orientated coach and preaches discipline but why so many. Usually penalties are committed when your outmatched and trying to do things to gain an advantage or you have poor footwork. Good teams don't make all these mistakes. There's a reason Bucs are 1-4 that has some to do with it. False starts, illegal formations, holding penalties and defensive hands to the face, defensive holding, missed tackle once again not wrapping up. To many mistakes to win a football game. I said last week to beat SAINTS we would need a better performance. Well we got better in some areas and others it stayed the same. Next week to get a win at home we will need to play better than today in all areas.

On other notes I want to touch up on some players who i thought played well in todays game even though Bucs didn't win the game. Vincent Jackson who has a Season high 8rec 144yds 18.0 avg. I'll give the offensive line a C Grade for thier good protection against the pass but they were not good in blocking in the running game against a Saints team that is not good stopping the run. Mark Barron i thought may have had his best game as a Buccaneer. He was all over the place in the running game 9 tackles and in the passing game defending the Saints TEs. I thought he did a great job playing Jimmy Graham before he left the game with his injury. Lb Lavonte David was doing everything he could to hold down the fort on defense registering 14 tackles. It seemed like he was in on every tackle. LB Danny Lansanah 10 tkls everywhere. amking plays and has his second pick 6 in 3 weeks. He's flashing all over the place and looks like he's the man for us at Sam LB. i really like what he's bringing to the field every week and he's improving. Saftey Alterean Verner had a great game in coverage 5 tkls and 1 int and would have had an excellent game if he would have caught two INTs that went through his hands. he should be hitting the Jugs machine this week. he had a very good game and has been as advertised all season playing well for us. Defensive line put pressure on breed for the most part of the game and i thought McCoy once again had a very good game and Ghoulson made some plays also in the running game. I saw a little more aggresion from the secondary today which is a plus. Jonathan Banks got his first Int of the season on a great play in intercept Drew Brees.

Overall I thought they improved in soem aspects of the game but you can't keep making the same mistakes and expect to win a football game in the NFL. have to clean things up and come back next week and be a better team. Baltimore Ravens will be a tough match up!

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