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Future of the NFL and Grooming the QB

Give me a National Platform to speak and I bet I can have people buying my scouting reports also. Lol there's two sides to every coin and I am so tired of the one sided sports reporting and Agenda chasers. Give me both sides and let me make my decision then.

I agree Jamies played in a conventional system in college and I agree some of the throws are not the same because of the schemes but to sit there and tell people he's not that good. I'm watching Tom Brady carve up Baltimore's defense throwing Check down routes, Slants, Digs and seams routes. Typical west coast spread offense.

NFL is moving their implementing more of the college schemes into the NFL playbook. 5yrs ago how many teams where running the Run/read option offense? How often was 4 and wr sets being used. High tempo, innovative and speedy offenses. Look thought college and see how many teams now have mobile qbs not your conventional pocket drop back QB? Look around. In 5 yrs Manning, Brady, Brees, Rivers, will probably be done playing. What are we left with? Will GMs and Coaches be afraid of the agile MOBILE QB because of past history or will they give then a chance to play? See the NFL front offices and fans and media are like Politics. The really old one don't like change. They don't like something different. Are afraid to take chances on a gem but don't want the process to happen. What do I mean process? By that I mean if a guy has to sit for a while and develop don't get pressured by the media to throw him in. Don't let the fans force your hand. Put a plan in place and stick to it. Keep your head coach in place. Success. Those who are willing to stay the coarse. Get your guy groom him. If he's not ready then find you a QB as a stop gap players and let him take the reigns until he's ready. Very rarely does a rookie QB come in and be the X-Factor to you winning more games. They struggle whether they run a Pro style offense in college or not right? More Pro Style Qbs get more chances to fail then Unconventional Mobile or Running QBS get to succed. Why is that?

Can someone explain why Tim Tebow who leaves the NFL with a plus. 500 record and a playoff win in his rookie yr. Wasn't allowed to play? Funny right. The same guy who carved up the SEC best conference in college football right. Career leader in so many Catagories was told to change his throwing motion 2months before being drafted why? His college numbers suggest that he didn't need to. In a wide open spread offense and completed 65% of his passes and never shown any issues of getting the ball out. So you make him change his motion. Knowing that he's gonna struggle with it. Knowing that his accuracy may take a plunge also. QB is hard enough to play with the speed and pace of the game. And now u are asking him to become a Robot. The reason I say robot is because your thinking now. Your not fluid with your throwing motion because it's not natural. Natural is something that is not taught you just do it without thinking. When u get back into a game situation your gonna go back to what you know and whatade you the player that you are. Tebow was lost with his mechanics and with that Mechanics change should have been properly developed. In a win now league some of these coaches are not teaching their just coaching. They don't want to develop guys. They want them to be pro ready so it makes their job easier because developing qbs is a process. Not many are ready right away. They have to sit for a few yrs. I think they all should. It only benefits your team and the franchise in the long run.

Let's take Green Bay for example. They had Bret Farve, drafted Aaron Rodgers and let him sit for 3 yrs. Sat and watched and learned how to play and what not to do from the sidelines. Perfect situation right? Yes it is but it doesn't mean that other franchises can't follow that pedigree. Because Aaron Rodgers was a spread QB from Cal playing in a Jeff Tedford offense where his questions were the same questions that we now have with Oregon QB Marcus Mariota. System QB, Spread offense and didn't know if he would translate to the NFL GAME. Well I would say that all of them are wrong. When you're good you're good. Can't no system keep you down or hold you back. Just because you haven't taken a snap from under center doesn't mean that you can't do it. Just because you haven't ran a Pro Style offense doesn't mean u can't do it. The impatience of organizations these days can be the main reason why Losing franchises lose and winning franchises winning. You can't just think short-term you have to think long term also. And sometimes short term gains can lead to long term failure if you don't make the right organizational choice. Some times that can be taking the longer term project. That's all I'm saying. I know everyone else of who to draft is different than mine but that's why we all are made different. My opinion.

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