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An Interesting Contrast of the Two QB's

As we draw closer to the NFL Draft. There has been many heated debates about which QB the two QB's. who the Tamps Bay Bucs should take with their 1st overall pick and i have to tell you. From the many Groups and Message boards that i am a part of there's been some very heated debates between FSU and Winston supporters. Some i can deal with and others are just downright nasty about it. But, I have a few ideas about the bias with the fan base when it come to the two QBs.

Nothing will convince you guys that the gap between these two guys is not that large. We could show where Winston struggles and u will make an excuse. We can show you were Mariota excels and you will make an excuse to why. Stupid quotes by some people. Who says the same about a one read offense. 1st throw and run QB Marcus Mariota has hot reads if something is covered then he knows where his second option will be and he will get rid of it and get the ball in tha hands of his recievers. What's wrong with a quick thinker? If your smart and you know your playbook and also understands the defense whats wrong with making the quick read? You practice for a formation and they show you the look in the game. You know where to go before the snap. Thats what i like to call Strategy. You know how they want to stop you. Now, your job is trying to figure out a way to counter their calls. What's wrong with that?

Jameis is a very good college player but he isn't great. He had a stacked team. (hence all the FSU players in the draft the last two yrs) and he made some bone head plays also. And we see what the tape has shown us. Winston does anticipate his throws very well and throws to a spot instead of waiting for the guy to come open. It can be a good thing and also a bad thing on the next level because NFL Defenses love to play the head games with a rookie Qb. So he's gonna have to make sure before he throws the ball he sees the throw all the way through. Another thing I think I would like to see is him getting away from all those INTs he threw on the college level. We all know that once you enter the NFL those numbers usually doesnt drastically improve in yr one. While FSU won all of those games. People always want to know if something will translate to the NFL. Well I know that turnovers usually turn to losses and bad games if you do it for 6 weeks straight. Again it shows us what we already know and confirm some things we did know and again. The tape shows that also.

Jameis Wimston shows passion and he's also a Very good leader. They both are. I think Jameis plays a little faster then his combine time. He moves good in the pocket and iv'e noticed when he gets pressure in his face up the middle and is pushed away from the pocket. He looses his mechanics and also starts to forced some of his throws where he done made some very questionable throws. When he cant get away from pressure he wont throw it away because he tries to many times to make that tight throw. I feel like he escaped a lot of poor decision on throws because of a few things. One, because he's not playing against top calibure athletes in the secondary so the discipline isnt there like it would be in the NFL. Two, there was a lot of dropped ints that i saw and his INT total could have been even higher and there's always a little luck invovled too. That's why I don't look at his win loss record. You just cant look at the good and say he's great when the bad things he's done has had just as big of an impact on the game. That's the whole reason he had to lead a comeback. His performance this past season was not great. It was good but the 27tds and 18 ints has me asking questions. What jameis Winston will Tampa Bay get in 2015? Thats going to be the 25 million dollar question.

Mariota on the other end perfected a system. Put up gaudy stats for 3 straight seasons. Before he got hurt on 2013. He was the front runner for the Heisman that yr also. You see the numbers and we can't really look at those numbers and say one bad thing. What the tape shows us backs up his numbers. Oregon system or not you can't take that away. And yes, he has some issues. One of those issues is that he had problems holding onto the ball. In his freshman and sophmore yr. the numbers were very high and he made and effort during his Junior yr to correct it. It;s been beaten into the ground about how he can't so certain things. But those things are speculative because we dont have anything definitive on tape that shows he can't do it. Or, using the past Oregon Quaterbacks and thier NFL succes or lack there of and saying "Well they didn't pan out good so he won't either. Some of those negatives are, He's inaccurate at times. Well yes, you cant be perfect and complete every single throw. So yes he can improve on that. But hes also a career 68% passer. Not that bad is it? During his combine, Pro Day and Private Workouts he's gotten very good praise for high high football I.Q and his intelligence. He's shown these things everytime hes been asked to explain schemes and reading NFL style coverages. During his sessions on Gruden's QB Camp on ESPN and also Game Changers on the NFL Network he's shown his intelligence but yet. No one still haven't bought in. He's shown the ablity to learn quickly, read and deciper a defense. His decision making isn't in question either so thats a plus. At the end of the day. Maybe the Bucs don't draft him but that doesn't mean he still can't be be the better of the two. We got three more weeks and its getting interesting! For some Bucs fand very tiring and can't wait for this Draft to happen.

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