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Bucs vs Jags Preview

It is a tale of two Florida Cities. Both are bad teams sitting at 1-3 and both teams are feeling the same exact thing. Tampa Bay is saying we have to beat Jacksonville while Jacksonville is saying we can’t lose to Tampa. The Buccaneers have not won a home game since December 8th 2013 . On the opposing side of the field will be a Jacksonville team that has an 11 game losing streak and has dropped the last 29 of their 34 road games.

The Jaguars lead the Bucs 4-1 in regular season matchups. The last time these two teams met Tampa Bay received a whooping by Jacksonville after going up 14 before a meltdown where the team turned the ball over 7 times. Take note Winston, you cannot have another game like last week. Stop forcing the ball on third down. It is better to punt the ball then throw a pick. Winston is young and we all get that but you need to channel this a little more quickly if you would like to see your coach, who along with your general manager believed enough in you to take you first overall . Dirk a little note for you, with the league’s second ranked running back by PFF ( 8th by stats) maybe you could scale back the passing attempts just a little bit? In today’s matchup however that could prove to be very difficult.

Now with that said… This could be a very long day for Martin. The Jags have been effective at stopping the run this year and statistically the number four team doing so. Tampa Bay however is one of the worst in the league at stopping the run and are ranked number 30. Tampa cannot have another Sunday like they did in Texas and allow the Jaguars to have a field day on yards and achieve their first rushing touchdown of the season. Jacksonville is ranked number 18 in the league statistically and a team that can be shut down in the run. T.J Yeldon (12th ranked by stats) will be looking to punk Tampa Bay and they need to respond accordingly.

Blake Bortles who is in his second year will be facing the 2nd overall ranked offense at this moment against the pass. Tampa Bay is tied with the New York Jets Where Jacksonville is ranked 26th against the pass. If Winston can keep his mistakes at a minimum this could be a good match up for him and I am predicting a bounce back performance or that may just be really wishful thinking. Note to Tampa Bay receivers… Catch the damn ball will ya? Evans can we get back to your performances of your rookie year? I get the Sophomore slump and all.. I believe completely in you and know this is the game you turn it around.

Last week Tampa took a step in the right direction of reducing their penalties but they still remain the 3rdmost penalized team in the league with Jacksonville somewhere around the middle of the league. Tampa Bay will never win games with as many rookies as they have committing an obscene amount of penalties. Of course some will attribute this to the overall talent we have in various positions and they have to commit the penalty to make a stop..

It is still early in the year and stats are well just stats. What really needs to happen is to dig deep, find a damn winning mentality and go out on your home field and let another losing team know …. NOT THIS WEEK, NOT IN OUR DAMN HOUSE!! If I read another quote from one more of Tampa Bay’s players that says… (“hopefully we go out there and get a win this week”) I will lose my mind. STOP It!!!! Believe in yourself and your team!! Say this week weWILL go out there and get a win. If you can’t then say nothing at all!! Rant over…..

Bucs 20 Jags 17. I have to start believing in them myself…

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