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The Recipe

"Today...we're making CHAMPIONSHIP MEATBALLS ladies and gentlemen. Many have made them, few have made them worthy." First you need quality meats. Your meat will be your base; it will be Sapp and Lynch two different meats that complement each other well the Very filling and a great flavor to build on. Next, you need a quality brand of breading. Here you'll use a lot of Simeon. It's made to burst through those little holes left in the meat and bring more flavor.

3rd, you're going to use some fresh, fine chopped veggies. You'll mix equal amounts of Ronde, Dexter, Shelton, Hollywood Kelley and a pinch of Singleton. Gives it more body...density. Now add a little spice of Alstott, some Pittman, A couple sprigs of Brad, a dash of Keyshawn and Keenan. Now, you need a binder, something that will hold all these things together through the heat. Here you will add 1 whole Brooks. Now mix well, form, cook and enjoy.

Note: All these ingredients from the historic 2002-2003 TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS brought their own different flavors but blended well when mixed. There was one ingredient that was not mentioned....something to give bite. Something that lets your taste buds know that there’s something else lurking in the mixture that will not be contained amongst the various delectable parts of this beautiful blend. It's an additive that all these ingredients came inclusive with that won’t be specified. It's called ATTITUDE.

Our recent chefs have begun to assemble some of the ingredients reminiscent of those old ones used in the 2002 recipe. They have secured the meat in Mccoy but we need that other compliment. We have a few of the veggies in Banks, Mcdougal, Verner, Lansanah and David. We need a few more though. The spices we currently have in Evans, Martin, ASJ and Alexander are good no doubt, but we could spend more time on the spice aisle. We're still missing the quality breading that Simeon provided. Jacquies is tasty but not quite quality enough. The Bucs have found a new binder to count on in Jameis, and surely he can bring some ATTITUDE, but the desired results can't properly be reached without all ingredients. ALL WITH ATTITUDE.

Chefs....go get us those ingredients and have dinner ready by 2017.

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