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What Happened To Building a Program?

If you are an old school football fan like myself and enjoy the process of a coach staying with a team long term and building a Juggernaut. Well, those days are over. In the new NFL were owners are taking more of a front seat approach to developing a team these days. You see a lot of coaching decisions made way before coaches have a chance to implement their system. Owners want to win now! Fans they want to win now with the power of social media and fans being a lot more involved and in touch with the pulse of the organizations. I think more owners are listening to the voice of the fan base and making economic decisions. While yes on the cover it looks good to listen to the voice of your fans you have to remember as an owner. Fans are fans for a reason and most make comments and things off of emotional waves. The logical and critical thinking aspect of it is not there because they are a fan.

The NFL out of all the other major sports make more coaching changes every season than any other sport it seems like. Over the last 3 yr we have seen a total of 21 coaching changes. That's about 7 per season. Now the NFL we gave 32 teams. You do the math, that's a lot of changes in 3 yrs. Cleveland Browns are on their 2nd coach in three season, Tampa Bay Bucs are on their 2nd coach and 3 yrs.In 2015 the Broncos Fired their HC Jon Fox after making the playoffs. In the 2015-16 season, the Tennessee Titans fired their HC Ken Weisenhunt after 7 games something you rarely see in the NFL is in season firings. Philadelphia Eagles Fired Chip Kelley after a sub par season but his first two yrs were 10 win yrs. So as you can see. It is not about the Long term effects anymore. Fans, media and Owners want to see wins now. All of this coach speak and GM and owner speak they always say they want to build a winner. One thing they don't understand is building on empire like the Packers, Pats, Seahawks, Broncos and Steelers just to name a few teams. Those teams from top to bottom have continuity, great leadership from the very top of the organization. The teams who fire coaches every other season if you want to see why they're dysfunctional just look at the ownership. Ownership makes a huge difference especially if that ownership understands the game of football. Those owners can block out all the crap in the media and the social media circles and run the team the way that they want to the right way. They don't make rash decisions based off is a assistant is getting a lot of recognition from other teams as we seen this past off season and before with some NFL franchises. Those owners don't give their HC 2 yrs to develop a team when you have so many holes that you have to gut the whole team and start over.

But, This NFL is a win now and a copycat league so if something is a hot fad and it worked for one team then everyone else who's looking for answers will follow suit and hope that they catch lightning in a bottle. How many times we seen this story before and a few yrs later that team looking for a brand new coach this is a message for all those teams that thinks on the fly and make emotional decisions and do not have a plan in place. You want commitment from the fans then show some commitment to some of the coaches and players because we don't come to the games to watch the owners. We come to watch the players and the coaches coach those players, allow for them to draft and develop players and build the team. 2 yrs and to some teams one yr just isn't enough time. You want to fill the seats. Win games! Owners should be just that, owners. Hire yourself someone in the front office that has a bright football mind and let them run the football operations and if you want an answer to something go to them. You lack knowledge to make good football decisions and that's has a lot to do with why your team is in the situation they are in now. In today’s NFL it’s all about Insanity to many of these owners are insane. They keep doing the same thing and are expecting a different result.


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