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Top Rookie Wrs 2016

With the NFL becoming more of a passing league the value of the WR position has become very high. With

fantasy becoming as big as it is you must take heed in your fantasy team and this position. Today we will give

you some rookie WRs to keep your eye on during your draft and throughout the year.

5. Pharoh Cooper - Los Angeles Rams. Cooper has great footwork and may find himself as a slot receiver. The

Rams are very young at the WR position and Cooper could step right in and be a day 1 starter. He is a very solid

route runner. Teamed with Tavon Austin should make this kid a solid WR option.

4. Michael Thomas - New Orleans Saints. Thomas is just another piece to the young puzzle that the Saints have at WR. Thomas should pair well with Brandon Cooks and Willie Snead. If he lives up to his pedigree, Keyshawn Johnson's Nephew, Thomas should have a solid NFL career. He should, eventually, become a number 1 WR. Keep your eye on this kid throughout your draft and the season.

3. Sterling Shepard - New York Giants. Shepard is a tremendous route runner and has terrific hands. He will more than likely make his living in the NFL coming out of the slot. However, he should see a high volume of action. If Victor Cruz makes a full recovery and comes back, Shepard could see alot of balls on both the outside and in the slot. He has high value in the middle rounds.

2. Corey Coleman - Cleveland Browns. Coleman was possibly the most athletic WR in the 2016 draft. He has excellent speed and route running abilities. He should be highly productive in the Hugh Jackson offense in Cleveland. The only question would be who is throwing him the ball. If the Browns can get production at the most important position on the field, QB, then Coleman could be very valuable to your fantasy team.

1. Laquon Treadwell - Minnesota Vikings. Treadwell has a "my ball" mentality. If it is in his area he is going to get it. He could quickly become the number 1 option for Teddy Bridgewater and Norv Turner. Team this guy up with Stephon Diggs and Charles Johnson and it gives the Vikings a formidable WR trio. If Bridgewater does not have more than 14 TDs this season there may be more of an issue at hand for Minnesota.

WRs are very valuable to your fantasy team. You simply cannot ignore the rookies. Keep these guys in mind on draft night and throughout the season in free agency. If not, you might find yourself watching your playoffs.

If you have any fantasy questions you can Email me at, follow me on Twitter

@bosshog2821 or check my FB page: Sean Naylor.

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