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2017 MLB All-Star Selections

The following is a link of players that got selected for the 2017 for the mlb all-star game

A lot of close races for AL the closest was the DH position for the AL between Dickerson of the Tampa Bay Rays and Nelson Cruz of Seattle. Dickers won the race and will be the staring DH for the all-star game. There is a final vote in process on you must vote one hitter for each side for example vote Logan Morrison vs Kris Bryant is who I voted for. For the 2017 all-star game the rules have changed. For example, home field advantage isn’t determined from which league wins it’s just an exhibition. Also, MLB replay will be used for this game leading the league to implement it for future seasons which is only good for the game. One of the key battles to watch for is Aaron Judge vs Bryce Harper. Both players have powerful bats who are intimidating for opposing pitchers this will be tough outs throughout the game. Also Judge vs Giancarlo Stanton in the HR derby will be exciting to watch because its Stanton’s home park and he is the defending champion so look for that matchup in the derby that will have everyone talking about it. Both starting catchers could play key roles showcasing what each player can do behind the plate and there hitting skills. Both coaching staffs are equal in how they can match their respective players vs the opposing league which will make for a close game that will be a great to watch in Miami.

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