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Oh What A Week It Has Been

Welcome to the first installment of the bias-filled, clearly written by an unabashed homer, weekly review of College Football. If you loved upsets, this was the week for you.

Iowa State Buster-Douglas’d Oklahoma in Norman, which helped make the world a better place to live in.

The fighting khakis of Michigan fell to in-state rival Michigan State in one of the most boring games on record, except for the flop of the year by quarterback John O’Korn


The University of Florida took this week as an opportunity to show that they were still a raging dumpster fire by losing at home to LSU, who was coming into Gainesville fresh off their loss to the juggernaut that is Troy University.

As for my beloved Florida State Seminoles, their game was cancelled by Hurricane Nate. Ok, so maybe it wasn’t, but if only wishing made it so. I don’t like living in a world where FSU is not the best team in Florida.

Do I take any solace in the fact that UF is actually worse? No. OK, a little. I will, however, give credit to Miami just this once. That game winning drive was a work of art. Excellent play calling and clock management. It almost seems like Mark Richt spent 15 years learning from the G.O.A.T. Did I just backdoor take credit for that win on behalf of Bobby Bowden? In the Immortal words of Col. Nathen Jessup: “YOU’RE DAMN RIGHT I DID!”

So after this week, who are the top ten teams in the country?

1. Alabama – For the first time this year, Alabama played a close game! Now, were they ever at risk of actually losing said close game?

2. Not even close.Clemson – Another solid win for Dabo and company. Finding a replacement for Deshaun Watson was a tall order, but they may have accomplished that with junior Kelly Bryant.

3. Georgia – Give me Georgia over Penn State at this spot. I think Georgia’s resume is much more impressive up to this point, and defensively they are dominant.

5. Penn State – The Lions of Nittany have played a schedule of cupcakes so far this year. That changes over the next three weeks in a big way: home against Michigan, at the Horseshoe in Columbus and on the road in East Lansing to face a resurgent Sparty. IF they come out of this stretch unscathed, you can pencil them into the playoffs.

5. Washington – As long as Jake Browning is at QB and they are in the PAC12, Washington will find itself somewhere in the Top 10. There is not a defense in the league that can stop him, although a shootout with Washington State on rivalry weekend is looking more and more likely.

7. TCU – The Horned Frogs are an early favorite to win the “Where the Hell Did this Team Come From?” Award. After starting the year unranked they are now sitting at number 6 in the polls after back to back wins over ranked opponents. Their ridiculously soft remaining schedule, they seem to be the only hope of BIG12 to place a team in the CFP.

8. Wisconsin – The Badgers have the easiest schedule of any BIG contenders, and it is allowing them to sleep walk to the BIG title game. They do have one tough matchup remaining – a November 18 visit from coach Harbaugh, the Jim variety. A matchup with PSU in the BIG championship game is starting to become a lock.

9. Washington State – THE PIRATE IS BACK AMERICA! There are few things in this world that make me happier than a Mike Leach-coached team being relevant again. I challenge you show me a more interesting coach in football than the pirate obsessed, making cameos on Friday Night Lights and certifiable crazy person that is Mike Leach. Also, the football team is pretty good, I guess.

10. Auburn – I know this seems really high for any team coached by Gus Malzan. Outside of an embarrassing showing against Mercer and a close loss to Clemson, Auburn has played lights-out football. They have a blowout win over the most confusing team in CFB (Mississippi State) but no signature wins yet. That chance won’t come until November when Ugga comes to town.

11. Miami – Trust me, it hurts to even type the name Miami in this spot. Unfortunately, Miami is for real and is the only real threat to Clemson in the ACC. They as usual have NFL talent throughout their defense, but the difference is at quarterback. Malik Rosier gave zero fucks about being down on the road with time winding down in a rivalry game. He was clutch and deserves all of the praise he will get this week. He also may be the target of my next voodoo doll

Every week we will give out a few recognitions and superlatives, some traditional and some not so much. This is the little site that could, so we will call these awards The Rudys, after the little football player that could.

Breakout Performance: Khalil Tate – Arizona. 327 yards rushing and 4 TD’s on 14 carries. I’m going to say it again for those in the back: 327 yards rushing and 4 TD’s on 14 carries. Entering the game for injured starter Brandon Dawkins, Tate proceeded to set the FBS single game record for rushing by a quarterback. He was also 11/12 for 142 yards and a TD, with no picks.

Game of The Week: Western Michigan beats Buffalo in football by the score of 71 to 68. I just wanted to make sure it was clear that was football score. It took 7 overtimes to amass that eye popping score in one of the craziest games in the history of CFB.

Coach with the Hottest Seat: Jim Mcelwain. How long can Florida keep putting terrible offenses out on the field before there is a jort clad riot in the swamp?

Thanks for joining us for the first rendition of What a Week it has been. We will leave you with the celebration of the week:

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