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NBA Season Week Six Headlines

Were just past the twenty-game mark into the season and chaos with coach firings and key injuries have made headlines lately. The Magic have cooled off, Cleveland is playing like they care, Utah has not gone under despite no Rudy Gobert, Memphis and Denver are in trouble. Sacramento, Toronto and Phoenix has no idea what they are doing with their respective rotations.

Blake Griffin Injury: The injury ravaged Clippers took a major hit on Monday night when their best player Blake Griffin went down with a sprained MCL. Griffin is projected to be out two months; the Clippers have no incentive to rush Griffin back from Injury in late January early February after breaking the bank in the off-season to give him a massive five-year extension. Somehow this team will have to right the ship with Lou Williams, DeAndre Jordan and a mixed bag of Wesley Johnson, Sam Dekker and Austin Rivers to somehow stay in contention. The Chris Paul trade was good for the Clippers but giving Griffin all that money and signing Danilo Gallinari just puts your organization in this position to relay on Doc Rivers. Rivers developing players is a bad combination that won’t end well.

David Fizdale fired: Can someone explain how an above average coach with bad personal receives the axe because a 32-year-old star doesn’t like some moves he has made with the rotation and the offense. LeBron is right Fizdale is the fall guy in this situation, with Memphis citing with Gasol will cause them to slug through the season looking lost with not even close to enough talent to claw themselves out of it. This team’s future looks bleak with two aging stars and no young blood that is neither exciting or the ability to dominate in future seasons. A coach as respected as Fizdale dodged a bullet by getting fired also and avoids the ownership group that is ruining this team each day. Chandler Parsons finally has played some quality minutes off the bench and Tyreke Evans looks like the Rookie of The Year version of himself that we haven’t seen since the 2009-2010 season. Despite Parsons and Evans playing well, the Grizzlies are too screwed to turn around their season. Trading Gasol for a real future will be the only way to salvage an otherwise putrid start to the season.

Who is a worse: Three choices comes to mind when it comes to this topic. First is the abomination going on in Chicago. Head Coach Fred Hoiberg has a mix of bad point guards and me first players who are inaccurate shooters. One of the only bright spots on this roster is Denzel Valentine looking like a rare mix at small-forward nailing threes and recording assists at a fantastic rate. Sacramento has no idea how to manage a rotation by playing Zach Randolph and Vince Carter actual minutes while not giving the young players that need the developing and playing time, to learn and get better while providing the future this team needs post De Marcus Cousins. Last, we have Phoenix who needs to deal with their center rotation like it’s going out of style. Instead of playing one guy one night and benching them the next night the solution is dump Monroe on someone, let Tyson Chandler tell stories what the NBA was like in 1999 from the bench, then play Alex Len and Dragen Bender all the minutes they can handle. Does it really matter if your defense suffers when opposing centers are licking their chops when they play you the Lakers and Brooklyn? When your bad and going to be bad just own it and develop your core players as much as you can. The leader in the clubhouse by a slim margin is the Chicago Bulls. Let’s hope Nikola Mirotic when he comes back from injury just gives the middle finger to this team and doesn’t comeback. With how the Bulls have handled the punching incident siding with Bobby Portis Chicago doesn’t deserve a talented guy to come back and try to help a team that is lifeless.

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