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Second Annual Anthony All-Stars

The regular season wraps up on Wednesday and the quest to find the worst player in the NBA is here. How to make this list is more about your contract and your performance on the court. Derrick Rose might be a fringe player to make a roster he only makes a veteran’s minimum contract, so he wouldn’t qualify. I am tired of talking about Rose, without further ado take it away John Tesh!

Timofey Mozgov- When the Lakers traded Mozgov before the season they might as well threw a party so big the public wouldn’t stop talking about it for a week. At the time when the Lakers gave Mozgov four years 52 million. Everyone was in shock because he is the type of player that is getting phased out in today’s NBA and nobody would want him unless you attached a good young player with him. This head scratching move costed the Lakers D’ Angelo Russell for someone to take his cancerous contract. The last time Mozgov was relevant he was good enough for Cleveland to think giving up two first-round picks to Denver was the missing piece at the trade deadline. How do these gm’s have jobs? Luckily Brooklyn Is in the middle of a fifteen year rebuild and barely needs to pay their players so the 15 million a year to have a useless center play 30 games is reasonable.

Joakim Noah: Only appearing in seven games and with stats that are so forgettable anybody from the front row could do about the level of production that Noah reached this season. The Knicks gave Noah a 70-million contract before the 2016 season and it has backfired to the point where they don’t even want to release him and pay him to stay away from the team until his contract runs out by not letting him see the floor. Noah has come a long way from being an All-NBA first team and defensive player of the year in 2014 now he is at the same point of his career as his former teammate Derrick Rose. The difference between the two is Noah is getting 17 million this season. Keep getting them checks!!

Luol Deng- The once proud multiple time all-star is now reduced to this pitiful role, Deng has played in a grand total of one game this season. It’s so rare that Deng plays even the fans in the stands are stunned that he received 18 minutes that night. Deng hasn’t been a significant player since he was traded from Chicago to Cleveland and that blew up in the face of the Cavs just as the Bulls drew it up. With injuries catching up to this once lockdown defender making him a shell of himself and a laughing stalk of what we used to see him as. There seems to be a trend here, the 2008-2012 Chicago Bulls three best players have been mentioned all thanks to Tom Thibodeau grinding them into dust. Jimmy Butler, Karl-Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins needs to make up a rumor about him to get him fired.

Myers Leonard- Anytime the team who drafted you extended your contract and you don’t play even when a tanking team is on the schedule is an issue. We have reached a point with Leonard that his potential has been met with his role of standing up from the bench when his teammates make a three and high fiving during starting introductions is his destiny. With only a 10 Million a year salary Leonard is still overpaid when in all reality he shouldn’t be in the league. The next chapter in this sad story of Leonard’s career is a one-way ticket to China and extending his career to save the heartache and misery for an NBA fan to watch him play in the league ever again.

Chandler Parsons: Going back to back and defending his title is non-other than the shell of himself often injured and overpaid Chandler Parsons. Memphis has had a forgettable season to say the least, with a full season to rehab his injuries and maybe regain the reason he was a talented player this season looked promising to get him off this list then he goes and does the same stuff. Parsons has only played 36 games this season and the numbers are such a joke that Memphis fans are doing the right thing and not watching this team play. At a cool 23 million a season it’s a disgrace that Parsons isn’t bought out and shown the door. Unless he gets healthy and shows any semblance of being an NBA player Parsons will be the worst player in the league and it’s not even close.

To cap off Parsons capturing back-back crowns here is a highlight of the 2013 #1 overall pick the one and only Anthony Bennett.

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