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NBA Finals Preview

Another season almost over and another Cleveland VS Golden State series is upon us for the fourth year in a row. The Warriors are favored to win by a landslide with the gambling line at -1,000 leaving Lebron and the Cavs with nothing to lose. Will Steph Curry dominate? Can KD put together back-back dominate games? How much can Lebron carry this Cleveland team? These questions will be answered and more as we journey into another addition of Cavs Vs Warriors.

Cleveland Cavaliers: In a season filled with turmoil somehow the Cavs are back in the Finals for another crack at winning it all the Cavs face a tough uphill climb that is only fit for a king to conquer. With the slim chance the Cavs have in this series to win a few things must go right. Cleveland will have to get Kevin Love going and get Draymond Green in foul trouble, by slowing the pace down and not play in the Warriors hands of an up and down game. Posting up Love on the block and let him go to work vs Draymond can be the key. So, the Warriors are forced to play JaVale McGee or David West off the bench. JR Smith and Kyle Korver must hit their open threes when called upon this is important to be able to let Lebron roam free and not be double teamed or trapped early in possessions. Last thing is getting Jeff Green going, he was a difference maker in game seven vs Boston and will have to come up huge from deep and not turn the ball over as he is accustomed to doing. All this while Lebron must put up the best finals stats we have ever seen for Cleveland to have a chance.

Golden State Warriors: Focus is the key word for this Warriors team that had a tough seven game series with Houston to get back to the finals. Minor injuries to Curry and Iguodala haven’t proven to cost this team much and they are poised to take down the Cavs. Cleveland doesn’t have an answer for Klay Thompson, and Durant should be able to wear out Lebron on defense. To preserve Lebron’s stamina he rests on defense and waits for the man he is guarding to hit open threes if he does he will come out more. The Warriors will punish this and force Lebron to work on defense while burying threes on defenders not equipped to handle this offense as most can’t. The only weakness the Warriors have is losing focus on the task at hand to take control of a game and put it away. This won’t be a problem when a title is on the line and facing an overmatched team. Expect Durant and Curry to play big roles on offense and the combination of Draymond Green and Klay will take care of the Cavs biggest threats on defense.

This series should go as planned even though we may not know how we will get to the result. Boston would have given the Warriors a better series but here we are with watching another year where the Warriors will win going away like last season. This series will go five games due to Lebron getting one at home having a monster game while blowing out Golden State in game three. Lebron will stay in Cleveland and they will trade the eighth pick in the draft to get immediate help for next season and close the gap in this matchup and salvage a shred of hope after botching the Kyrie Irving trade

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