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Eastern Conference Round One Playoff Preview

The regular season is finally over, now we can watch some real basketball. The Eastern conference has some intrigue that matters and should have some attention drawn to it. Join me as we breakdown each matchup and how long each series will go.

Milwaukee Vs Detroit: You can’t think of a series that will be on NBA TV more often than this one. The Pistons had to get in thanks to beating a sorry Knicks team on the last night of the season to face a juggernaut in the Bucks. With Blake Griffin not 100% this Pistons team will get smashed into next season in this series with little resistance. This is a bad match up for Detroit due to not having the personal to match up with Khris Middleton and Ghannis. this will be so lopsided the starters will have rest before round two before they play a real team. Unless Andre Drummond can block Giannis at the rim 10 times each game this will be a sweep. Milwaukee wins 4-0

Toronto Vs Orlando: Orlando is back in the playoffs cause the Southeast division champs to put up a fantastic second half to get into the playoffs. Problem is they face a Toronto team who is ready to make an NBA finals run. Led by Nikola Vucevic the Magic are a nice surprise who has a good young core who has a bright future. Toronto has a terrific bench who will dominate this series and a guy named Kawhi Leonard that nobody on the Magic can stop. Expect newly acquired Marc Gasol and Leonard to do the heavy lifting while Kyle Lowry can’t be counted on most years in the playoffs. On the Magic, look for Jonathan Issac who has the potential to get in front of Kawhi and at least be capable of stopping him at times. This series will go five games with Orlando winning a game because Terrence Ross will catch fire only for Toronto to move on comfortably 4-1

Boston Vs Indiana: This series will be talked about as a what if, due to Victor Oladipo out for the rest of the season and won’t be able to make this series fair. Indiana has a few nice players but anytime Darren Collison and Corey Joseph must be the ones to stop Kyrie Irving it won’t be a fair fight. Another series that will be dominated by NBA TV and get no ratings. Despite no Marcus Smart who will be out for the series this won’t be a contest and Boston will win 4-1 to move on and lose to Milwaukee. Will Kyrie stay is a big question that will have to be answered after the season.

Philadelphia Vs Brooklyn: This is an interesting match up and could surprise some how this will turnout Philly won 50 games and looked dominate with a terrific starting five but a suspect bench at best. Joel Embiid most likely not able to play in game one, look for a pesky Brooklyn team to give Philly a tough series and drag it out. D’Angelo Russell could outperform Ben Simmons and the Nets bench can turn some heads to keep games close. This will all come down to the health of Embiid if he isn’t himself or only plays a few games in the series Brooklyn can win, if Embiid is healthy and plays the whole series then the Sixers win in five games. I am going to go out on a limb and Brooklyn will win 4-2. Causing Jimmy Butler to leave in free agency, Philly to shop Ben Simmons and re-sign Tobias  Harris.

Article written by Rat Pack Sports Show NBA Insider Nicholas Lane

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