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Fans Losing Trust in Jameis Winston

This is just my opinion based on what I'm seeing but I don't like this pampering that's going on inside of Advent Training Facility with Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Jameis Winston. I miss Dirk at least he was honest. As a QB if your we run the wrong route. Do you still throw the ball? If the RB is 3yrds to deep on a screen pass. Do you throw the ball anyways into defenders OVER the middle of the field?.. Barber curls to the inside on a sideline pass. Jameis throws to the outside where the defender is sitting. Does this sound like a QB that does a good job processing information? NO but the Winston fans think he can be fixed.... 4 Going on 5 yrs with the same issues. I am not saying that you cannot win with Jameis as the QB. You can but you can't put to much on the plate with him. He tries to do to much and that when you have problems. Since becoming a Tampa Bay Buccaneer. He's had a very hard time in the big moments to say the least and leading the NFL in turnovers since entering the NFL is not a good stat to have on your resume. Sunday against the 49ers he had a change to silence the Nay-sayers but fans saw a performance that they are all to familiar with. Poor decision making and turnovers at key points in the game. which led to a 31-17 loss to San Fransisco in the home opener.

Thoughts on fans who use his passing records for their argument In today's NFL with the ease of the passing game don't get caught up in the numbers because the numbers are not a great indication of how well the QB is playing anymore. You have to trust your eyes now more than ever. If you don't have a knack for watching the game the proper way when evaluating performance. And no you don't have to be paid to talk football to know what your talking about. Jameis is a very polarizing topic whenever you talk about him. And due to the struggles the Buccaneers have had at the QB position throughout the history of the franchise. I can see how most can look at the numbers and say we have to keep this guy around. But, Also realize that this franchise hasn't been rich at the Qb spot so the records may be broken just due to the simple fact of longevity.

Also noting Jameis isn't the first high end draft pick that won't live up to potential and I think that's the part where fans are having a tough time coming to reality with.

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