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Tale Of Two Qbs

Thursday Night Football over the years has been kind of a dude. Hit or miss week to week. Last week we got a pretty good game. Last night we had a early season division match up between the Titans and the Jaguars. A couple of different stories happening in this game that involve both teams quarterbacks. For the Titans the big question is what’s going to happen with Marcus Mariota. The 2nd overall pick in the 2015 Draft who’s playing on his 5th yr. option. While he's been in the line up he's been good but the major issue is health. Can he stay healthy is the concern. In the off-season Titans went out and signed QB Ryan Tannehill to the team as their back up. Some think that by the end of the season Tannehill could actually be the starting QB if Mariota doesn't play well. Mariota 4 yrs. in Tennessee has produced some respectable numbers 63% comp over 12,000 passing yards 69tds and 42ints. Are good numbers but those want to see more. They want to see if he can reach that potential ceiling. Some of his struggles have been 5yrs and 5different offenses. That can hurt any young QB. Offensive line issues as well. Some around Tennessee are happy with him but wants to see more this season to give him the big deal. With the size of the contracts you want to make sure your this guy is your future before you commit on a contract. The other story is Jacksonville Jaguars and their QB situation. In the off season after they decided to part ways with QB Blake Bortles. They went out and signed Backup QB Nick Foles from the Eagles in hope to fix a position they’ve had a need. Over the yrs. not being able to get over the hump. Jags country thinks the psotiions could have used an upgrade and the front office agree. With their defense playing at a top level again coming into this season you get a sense that they could be serious contender for the AFC South division especially with Indy losing Andrew Luck retiring at the beginning of the season. But the first series of the season wk. 1. QB Nick Foles took a hit on a TD throw and was injured on the play. The next day they would then find out the he broke his collarbone and was lost for 8 to 10 weeks. So in come the young back up QB Gardner Minshew the undrafted free agent. And since this kid has been thrusted into action the Jags have been very impressed with his play. So far on the season 692yds 5tds and 1int and a 49QBR Which is good for 16th in the NFL.. he’s played well and electrified that offense and given them some energy. Minshew also is shown his ability to move in the pocket to buy time to throw the ball and also make great decisions. I’m not sure what’s going to happen when Foles is healthy but if he keeps playing this way. How can you go back to Foles. Do Jags stay with the hot hand or go back to the big money man? It will be a interesting situation for the Jags.  

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