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2022 Anthony Bennett All Stars

Back at it again with the 5th annual celebration on the quest to find the worst player in the NBA. Somehow John Tesh came out of his underground bunker with Chandler Parsons as his pilot to get here. Tesh is ready to go and can't wait to kick this baby off

Eric Gordon: Another year goes by that somehow the worst team in the league can't get this guy off their roster. What does Eric Gordon know to stay on this team? This reminds me of a high school coach playing his son because he feels obligated otherwise he would be fired. It's unbelievable to think this organization had enough brain cells that they couldn't dump this contract on the Nets in the James Harden trade. Better yet, the Pacers or the Cavs who were also involved. Gordon had another season where he missed a bunch of games, put up mediocre stats and just does one thing good enough to stay in the league and that's shoot. Just give the minutes to Josh Chiristopher and stop playing this guy who should be playing for the Nets getting 20 minutes a night on a team who is also in shambles. At 18.2 million for a worthless player with a whopping two years left on his deal makes me think he will make future lists.

Gordon Hayward: This one-time difference maker has now turned into an often injured not a good shooter and far from his Utah Jazz days. Hayward had a rough season shooting the ball and wasn't able to be on the floor when his team was obliterated for the second year in a row in the play-in tournament. It's bad when the freaking Lakers wouldn't want you and Kelly Oubre for Westbook that's saying something. Hayward needs to turn it up for the Hornets or they will be so desperate to dump him they will even call the Shanghai Sharks. At 26 million even a five year old can think of better ways to spend that money instead of this waste of money.

Ben Simmons: Wow this guy did everything he could to make a fan base hate him and now a second fan base/organization to do the same. From not wanting to play for his team, getting fined everyday, mental instability and somehow a back injury comes up to the point where he can't even suit up for an elimination game. For someone who can't shoot in a shooters league this looks bad, Simmons is not just useless to the Nets he is also a bigger head case than Kyrie Irving. If we see the same antics next season there is no telling how bad it can get and at a cool 33 million his chances will run out soon and fall from grace will be putting as nicely as you can come up with.

John Wall: Another Rocket!! This has to be a first as we show a reason why this is the worst team in the league. Anytime you tell a player he can't play, making 44 million is astonishing. What's funny is it was the right move, why on earth for a team that won 20 games would give into demands for a player that would ONLY suit up if he started. The Rockets might not be a well ran organization but they figured out a decision from a door hitting them in the face so hard they had to make it. Just tell John Wall to go vacation in Dubai next season and send Super Dave Osbourne to drive him to the airport. Davis Bertans: Another year and another appearance for some call the Latvian Lazer. When Bertans was traded for Kristaps Porzingis everyone had to double check, Why would the Mavs do this deal? Was Cuban held at gunpoint? Did he make a bad Shark Tank deal and went to the mafia to bail him out? In return he had to trade for Bertans. Will teams ever learn from the 2016 offseason paying the most worthless players you can think of 16 million to do nothing? It's unbelievable. I can't name a single thing besides shooting that Bertans can provide you. I mean come on you're 6:10 and you can't grab 3 rebounds?? What is this pickup basketball with your friends when you just finished eating a full bag of Cheetos and binging dating shows. Even NBA teams make mistakes but Bertans is the mistake that keeps on giving. Shoutout to the Knicks being a flaming disaster and appreciate Tom Thibodeau we all know and love. Dusting off whatever is left of Taj Gibson and of course rostering Derrick Rose thinking he can do anything and shattering like the glass China doll he is. Hunting for the worst player in the NBA is a National Treasure that won't be ignored for generations to come. Keep gettin dem checks and we leave you with Anthony Bennett doing whatever he does


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