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6th Annual Anthony Bennett All Stars

Another year and another deep dive into a wild NBA season. We saw big trades, wild suspensions, twitter player beefs, all kinds of Lakers drama, and the anticipation for the best prospect the NBA has ever seen. Come join me on my quest to find the worst player in the NBA regular season. John Tesh is ready to rock!! Somehow this article is so popular we even got Ja Morant dancing with a gun for your viewing pleasure. (Explicit Language in audio)

Joe Harris: We kick things off with a player who is making his debut on this list. As Harris used to be the most accurate shooter in the league where now he is a guy who can't create his own shot can only do one thing well when he used to be more active defensively. Harris now barely plays for a team that is going nowhere and doesn't start anymore. His shot is off and is scared to get a rebound (Something you will notice on this list quite often talked about)

at a cool 18 million this season you will also see a theme that you can find these types of players for bargain barrel prices. For some reason multiple teams can't seem to figure out to keep rewarding only one NBA quality in a player and Joe Harris is a perfect example.

Davis Bertens: A Veteran on this list thanks to the Wizards having no idea how to scout and giving him a big contract when it didn't make sense at the time. The "Latvian Laser" is anything short of a laser for a Mavericks team that doesn't play him much and purposely tanked to keep their top 10 pick. With players like Bertens that can't grab a rebound who is not this hot shooter anymore it's no wonder that Luka & Kyrie are looking around this roster thinking to themselves "This team is trash". Beterns is the garbage man, at a cool 16 million he is continually just as bad the day he got his contract. This Mavs team is a disaster and unless it's contract filler Bertens will play out this deal then never to be seen again as he is not an NBA talent player anymore.

Evan Fournier: Another first timer on this list, is a player that nobody knows why he got the contract he did unless you held the team at gun point to be fully guaranteed. The Knicks are notorious for these type of things in their past and hasn't changed. Outside of making the phrase "Bing Bong" popular, he is useless and can't seem to help a Knicks team that made a playoff run. Anytime you're benched for a 2nd year player who is much better than you, your days are numbered of being a relevant player in the league anymore. Another player who only shoots as his only skill, his defensive ability has shrunk and doesn't grab a board if it hit him in the face. The Knicks can't trade this cancer of a contract unless they take a bad contract back it's pretty hard to find a more useless player but were just getting started.

Duncan Robinson: The Heat made an improbable run to the NBA Finals in the bubble and a big part of that playoff run was the play of Duncan Robinson an undrafted player who got red hot from 3. He was rewarded with the largest contract for an undrafted player in NBA history. Since inking his deal, he has been terrible and hurt this season. Only playing 42 games Robinson averaging a meager six points per game and only (You guessed it) 1.6 rebounds per game. How do teams get away with paying a player 16 mil a year who can't pass or grab a rebound it's unbelievable. Robinson can't play defense, can't rebound or pass but yet somehow gets paid to do nothing except shoot. I would love to hear what goes through these decisions around board rooms thinking that players like Robinson should be awarded a contract let alone 16 mil a year. It's almost criminal of how this happens but believe it or not there is an even worse player in the league to go.

Ben Simmons: To top our list is a player who has fallen from an almost elite player in what he does best to someone who is on the fast track to be out of the league. The confidence Simmons had in Philly in his early years to now is the difference between living in a shack compared to living on the cliffs of Maui. Right now Simmons lacks everything besides grabbing rebounds or still showing flashes of his once elite passing ability. Throw in his attitude to get out of Philly and this "back issue" that plagued him this season and you officially have a player that you're stuck with and no idea if he is ready to play even at a pedestrian level anymore. With The Nets are rebuilding or trying to stay kind of relevant they would be lucky to get 25% of what he once was, at his best Simmons can be a terror on both sides of the floor and now he is scared of his own shadow and can't get out of it China will be calling his name in the coming years. It looks like this will be a continuing trend and can't seem to shake it, the Nets have to be concerned that he is going to waste away and can't even call on a Kardashian to help out.

Here is the yearly compilation of how bad Anthony Bennett, still the worst #1 draft pick in NBA history even worse than Greg Oden. Keep cashing them checks and see you again next year


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