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Fourth Annual Anthony Bennett All Stars

After having to endure COVID 19 working from home and having no clue what day it is while scared to visit your barber without getting lectured by a "Karen" saying she would report you if you didn't wear 4 masks to the appointment. We couldn't wait for the 2020-2021 season to have fans back and some kind of normalcy. With the finals close to wrapping up we get to take some time to take a look back on the five worst contracts and production for that money we can find in the league. John Tesh has been waiting all this time to get the theme music going without further ado, Take it away Mr Tesh.

Davis Bertens: We kick off our list with a recent re-signing in free agency last offseason when Bertens had a great 2019-2020 season due to his threes actually going in. For that reason alone Bertens received a four year deal to just shoot threes. This year they didn't go in and we got to see that he can't do anything else besides shoot. Anytime you have a player who is 6'10 and can't even grab three rebounds a game tells me that the Wizards just sign someone random (Ian Mahinmi) to 16 million a year. Just to literally do as much as a guy named Mike who is an auto mechanic in the 4th row who can run around the three point line is so astonishing but such a Wizards thing to do.

Eric Gordon: We move onto another player who is similar to Bertens, for whatever reason that is unexplained NBA GM'S must salivate at players who only score, but can't pass, defend or rebound for his position. Eric Gordon fits that mold and on top of that can't stay healthy playing only 27 games due to injury for a team that couldn't even get the James freaking Harden trade right. This team is far away from contention to the point where Gordon provides no value and gets in the way of the young players they actually need to develop. At just shy of 17 million a year and increases for future years of his contract. The Rockets will now have to attach picks just to get off this contract that the Harden trade is suppose to force the other team to take his deal on. Or in this case of the Harden trade it was a four team trade and not one team took on Eric Gordon. You can't make this stuff up

Steven Adams: In some circles he is called the "Big Kiwi" a great nickname but a bad contract paying him 27 million is a hefty price for a player that doesn't fit with the Pelicans best player in Zion Williamson. Adams is a bruiser inside, good rebounder, not a good rim protector and no outside game. Clogging the lane for Zion to operate is not what he needs, don't tell the Pelicans that. Once they traded for him Adams was given a new contract immediately just like another player on this list it was a head scratcher at the time and will be through the life of this contract. Adams is better fit as the sole big man for a team that wants to slow the game down needing a good screen setter. Not a run and gun team like this confused Pelicans organization that doesn't know how they want to build with Zion.

Kevin Love: It's a long fall from grace where Love was at in the NBA. Love went from the missing piece for a finals run that lasted 3 years and helped win a title while Lebron operated in Cleveland. To now one of the worst players for his pay in the league. Love's strengths can translate in the league today if he played. In 25 games this season, Love looks like someone who shouldn't get 20 minutes a night any longer nursing a calf Injury that kept him out most of the season and the Olympics. The Cavs are rumored to trade the #3 pick in the upcoming draft as Love is a liability at 31 million. The Cavs have to decide about attaching the #3 pick to a team willing to take on his contract that the Cavs were negligent giving him this extension right after Lebron left and it looks worse now. The Cavs really have no clue what they are doing and this move showed that and as long as Love is a Cavalier it will look like the organization even sucks at 2K building a team let alone in real life.

Otto Porter: We finish on a player who was selected third in the same draft as the player this article is named after. Otto Porter signed a 104 Million contract with the Wizards as another non smart team would do. Porter went from a really good defender and an improved shooter to a helpless player that can't do either of those two things that he was paid for. Yes injuries prevented Porter reaching his true potential as a player but for any fan sakes Porter borderline doesn't belong in the league anymore how much he has declined. He can't defend at a high level anymore but still has some shooting ability, even on a Magic team that is rebuilding slowly Porter only played three games after the trade from the Bulls. If a GM this offseason signs Porter for over 10 million a year or even gives him a multiple year contract I will fly to that city and hold up a sign that Porter is not even worth the minimum. 28.4 million this year was highway robbery for a player that Anthony Bennett would be jealous of because if he showed any kind of progress he would have been paid what Porter robbed the NBA of.

The curse of Anthony Bennett is alive and well each year you just have to dig to find out the truth. Chandler Parsons would be proud of this list as he is the head coach and has a banner in the Rafters in the Bennett Center. Until next year make sure you stay away from "Karens" and may GM'S make dumb decisions to keep this tradition alive and well. We leave you with a clip of Mr Bennett himself


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