Derrick Jones "Debo"

is an avid fan of all sports and has a vast knowledge of the inside of the game. Being that he was a successful college athlete he can really give an insight about the game people really miss out on when understanding situations.


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         The Rat Pack is a group of guys who all are huge sports fanatics and they love sports. They love getting together and just talking sports all the time and one day just thought, Hey maybe we can do this on the radio and get our voices out there. So we stumbled upon an opportunity to do a show. We will cover the Local teams Rays, Bucs, Lightning, USF. Also FSU, MIAMI, Florida Gators, Miami Dolphins and the Jaguars. We will cover National Topics as well as other things going on in the entertainment world. Were gonna do what we can to satisfy the listeners of the show. we take phone calls and also comments and question via Facbook and Twitter. Just join our respective pages and stay up to date with all of the info u need with the show.

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"Diehard Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Florida State Seminoles fan. Supporter of all Tampa Bay sports

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